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AMAZON #1 BESTSELLER “Sally Fernandez’s political thriller Climatized might be frighteningly timely and dare I say it, realistic. It is also frighteningly well written. I suspect we will be enjoying a lifetime of Max Ford thrillers. Question is, how long have we got?” Vincent Zandri, New York Times Bestselling Author CLIMATIZED, A CLIMATE CHANGE THRILLER. DIVE INTO THE FIRST MAX FORD MYSTERY. PREPARE YOURSELF FOR AN AWAKENING! READ MORE... AVAILABLE ON AMAZON CLIMATIZED THE AUDIOBOOK! "Jax, chew on this [...]


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Climatized, the first novel in the new “Max Ford Thriller” series involves the deaths of a prominent senator and three world-renowned scientists who were killed because of information they possessed regarding the push for climate change policy. Through many twist and turns a powerful organization was deemed responsible for the killings and their motives were revealed. The president was provided with cogent evidence that forced him to make a crucial decision—to expose a diabolical plot—or bring down a multi-trillion-dollar worldwide industry. Either way the world had been “climatized.” As I weaved my storyline between fiction and fact, I decided [...]


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Yesterday was a momentous day! After a year of 24/7, Climatized, the first novel in a Max Ford Thriller series, was released. But it was also the culmination of eight years of writing and producing five novels. Fortunately, my husband is also my editor, so it was a journey we shared together. Now, as it was with the release of the prior novels, the champagne remains chilled with its cork waiting to be popped. It always seems that up to the moment the book is published, our list is fraught with tasks ranging from final touches to major commitments. Then, when the day finally arrives the list [...]


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However you pronounce the name of the fruit, it’s still the same fruit. But when White House Administration not-so subliminally exchanges one letter for another, it significantly changes the meaning.  For more than a year I’ve listened carefully to the questions and answers bantered about between the administration and the press corp. When the question of terrorism arises the media, without exception, refers to ISIS, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. On the other side of the podium, whether it’s the press secretary, Josh Earnest, or anyone else, they always respond by referring to ISIL. Everyone in the administration must [...]

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