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Sex with the Bots & Artificial Immortality

Today it’s all about the BOTS. Co-hosts Sally Fernandez, Helene Philipsen & Barbara McGee are ready to defend humanity and relationships in general as they provide the female perspective on the BOT revolution.

By It’s a gender thing… or is it?

Dog Can’t Swim

Should more rules and regulations be required at pet resorts? Maybe the owners shouldn’t have left their dog who couldn’t swim at a pet resort with a pool…? Judge Sally Fernandez and Judge Ava Armstrong render their decisions in this heart-wrenching case. Malcolm doesn’t see it quite the same way…

By It’s a gender thing… or is it?

The Ages You Peak at Everything In Your Life Explained

Co-hosts Gayl Murphy and Sally Fernandez have slightly different views on this one. For Malcolm, the guy who doesn’t know when to come out of the rain – this will be a real test!

By It’s a gender thing… or is it?

Flirting Your Way to the Boardroom

Is flirting sometimes used by women to entrap men and accuse them of sexual harassment? BIG CONVERSATION AHEAD with none other than our co-hosts Sally Fernandez, Barbara McGee, Gayl Murphy & Ava Armstrong. Hint: all the women do not agree on this one. Malcolm is put to the test in this episode – can he flirt his way out of it?!?

By It’s a gender thing… or is it?

Futuristic Technology That Will Change Our Lives

Will these new technological advances end world hunger or improve our quality of life? Co-hosts Sally Fernandez and Erin Morgart join Malcolm in an attempt to save humanity from themselves!

By It’s a gender thing… or is it?

CAUTION: A Generational Shift In Progress

Are PC and Safe Spaces molding the next generation? Co-hosts Sally Fernandez and Dr. Kristian H are part of that generational shift in America. They’ll join Malcolm in a quest for answers with a topic that few dare to explore…

By It’s a gender thing… or is it?

In Search of Inspiration…12 Fearless Founders

When the gray clouds are upon us – it can be a daunting task to find the sun. Co-hosts Sally Fernandez, Erin Morgart and Ava Armstrong rediscover their own secrets to inspiration. Malcolm is inspired to be in the ladies company today – what could possibly go wrong?!

By It’s a gender thing… or is it?

In Search of a Cure… Alzheimer’s & the Glenn Campbell Story

The BIG question – will we see a cure in our lifetime? Co-hosts Sally Fernandez and Dr. Andrea Pennington join Malcolm in a very special broadcast… with a look at some of the latest developments and personal stories of ALZHEIMER’S.

By It’s a gender thing… or is it?

A Societal Sea of Change, Temporary or Permanent?

Is the wave of nationalism in America indicative of this new sea of change in American society and life? Co-Hosts Sally Fernandez and Barbara McGee join Malcolm for an introspective reality check on what the fuss is all about!

By It’s a gender thing… or is it?