Yesterday was the finale of SEASON ONE of Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Pleasure, airing its 100th show. This blockbuster talk-radio show on the America Out Loud platform was the inspiration of its fearless founder, Malcolm Out Loud. Earlier this year, Malcolm assembled ten extraordinary and accomplished women from around the globe to change the conversation. On April 8th, it began. As the tagline goes, “It’s a gender thing…or is it? World Peace, Religion, Sex, Money, Politics, Climate Change, Big Business, Big Ideas and Big Egos! Nothing is off limits.” As one of the co-hosts, I was honored to be part of this amazing journey.…And I can assure you nothing was off limits!

Meet Malcolm Out Loud and the Ladies…

If you were one of the unfortunate that missed all or any of the shows, don’t despair. SEASON ONE will give a repeat performance and air daily on America Out Loud Talk at 5:00 pm, encore at 11:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time. You can also tune-in to hear my Podcasts directly on my website or go to American Out Loud and listen to all of the shows at your leisure. Prepare yourself for SEASON TWO with an entirely new cast to begin in November. You won’t be disappointed.

My takeaway from this experience. It was a fantastic opportunity to discuss a wide array of topic with a group of diverse women coming from all sides of the spectrum. Oftentimes, the discussions touched my heart, other times challenged my mind. Most of all, I learned, grew and added another facet to my life, including some new friends.

It was a great run as a co-host on talk radio. But after dividing my time between talking it up and writing it down, I’m back to the full task of completing the next novel in the Max Ford Thriller series. This time around Max has herself operating in a whole new realm that will have her digging deeper into a controversy. I can’t tell you anymore…it will spoil all the fun, other than it will be a real stinger.

And just when you thought this summer couldn’t get any hotter, Climatized is still stirring the debate. Now, as a semi-finalist for the prestigious Royal Palm Literary Award given by the Florida Writers Association…other possibilities lay in wait. Wish me luck! The finalists will be announced in October. But it doesn’t stop there.

It’s one of those “life becomes stranger than fiction” moments. I get the chills just thinking about it, which feels pretty good right now…Florence today, 100 degrees, down 6 degrees from two days ago. I digress with a pitiful metaphor, but timing is everything. So, I can’t tell you about this incredibly exciting thing that is about to happen, but the formal announcement is just around the corner. Sorry, but you know I love a cliffhanger.

However, while you’re waiting, don’t forget to check out America Out Loud. It truly is an awesome online platform; a go-to place for the latest news and commentary, covering everything from politics to a healthy lifestyle.

As Malcolm would say, “My friends, to be continued”…