By Sally Fernandez

ALFREDO VEDRO  Media Production Consultant, Florida  “It would be fair to assume that most literature has its genesis in verisimilitude — after all, don’t creative writing teachers always say, “Write about what you know,” and Sally Fernandez knows a lot about what’s happening today.  REDEMPTION, with its excellent analysis of our current economic situation and disastrous government policies, has all the qualities and experiences to merit the term. It “fits the bill” as the saying goes.  Lively economics/political discussions among the characters are fascinating to follow and the setting is most intriguing.  Once again, a work that merits the accolade, ‘A good read!’”

JIM “TURTLE” HARMON  Poet and Lyrist  “As a new fan of Sally Fernandez, I have just finished her latest novel, Redemption. I started in mid stream with The Ultimate Revenge and was immediately captivated by her grasp of reality, her depth of extensive research, and ability to blend reality and fiction into a very believable novel.

I personally researched most of her “real” characters, quotes, placement in time and place and found them to be real, accurate and well placed in the content.. I was amazed! While I am not a big reader of novels, The Ultimate Revenge was a page turner for me. Redemption, on the other hand, was more analytical, contained a lot of dialog between characters and was less exciting a read. However, in its defense (none really needed) it spoke directly to our nations woes, social, political, and economic and was very educational while weaving her plot. Sally sets forth ideas that our congress and political leaders would be well advised to considers we approach 2016 elections. The public would be well advised to carefully read this book and understand the challenges ahead. Drastic and imperative changes must be adopted if America is to regain the greatness and respect we once enjoyed .
Well written, Sally. I look forward to your possible TV and movie of these series and new books in the works.”

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