As the leader of the enigmatic group of scholars known as La Fratellanza (The Brotherhood) Simon brings an intellectual game into real life by involving the election of a president, the banking crisis, and international terrorism in the first book, Brotherhood Beyond the Yard (published in 2011) Throughout the tetralogy, the hunt for Simon never ceases as he continues to unleash diabolical plots in the US and abroad. The reader and the characters are led first, to admire him, and then slowly grow to fear him. This international thriller takes the readers from the streets of Florence, Italy to the highest seats of power in Washington D.C.

In the second installment, Noble’s Quest, another level of intrigue is introduced with intoxicating twists and turns as the hunt for Simon continues. This time Interpol and the States Intelligence Agency join forces to investigate earth-shaking events in the US and Europe. Finally, Simon is captured but only to escape once again from a high-security prison. Noble Bishop, the director of the States Intelligence Agency is in a deadly cat-and-mouse pursuit for Simon in the third book The Ultimate Revenge. Shocking plans are unleashed in the establishment of a one-world government under the guise of global warming. But Simon has a plot of his own; to take down the U.S. power grid. This rollercoaster of a cliffhanger dials up the intrigue, leaving questions hanging. Redemption, the final book in this explosive series holds the answers. Simon’s apparent death is front-page news, as well as the U.S. economic crisis. The newly-elected US president has no choice but to enlist Noble to bring back the discredited La Fratellanza to help solve the crisis that threatens the country’s survival. This powerful conclusion will continue to lead the readers through horrifying events until the country is saved from the economic devastation that would resonate around the world.

The readers will be beguiled by the artistic marriage of established facts with a storyline that lifts creativity to new heights. Readers are also challenged to separate fact from fiction, giving rise to the question, WHAT IF?

Sally Fernandez’s crackerjack international thriller expertly weaves seemingly disparate events into a cohesive whole leading to a shocking, shattering climax; a classic blend of character study and well-plotted action sequences keeps the pages turning faster and faster. There are no sacred cows here as Fernandez drives straight to the highest seats of Washington and questions anyone and everything. Fernandez digs deep to examine political ideology, the role of Internet technology, and international terrorism with ferocious insight. Prepare for a hair-raising page-turner from start to finish.

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