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A Novel of Truth Behind Climate Change

We are watching two sides of a chess game as the evil puppeteers pull ever more strings to disrupt all efforts to expose what has been more than two decades of a hoax that has placed vast sums of money into the hands of an army of leftist crony capitalists. Sally Fernandez has hit upon a way to communicate with a much wider audience demographic on the anthropogenic global warming issue…

Catching up with Bestselling and Award-Winning Author Sally Fernandez on the “Max Ford Thriller” Series by Jennifer Ross September 24, 2020

Exclusive Interview with Political Novelist Sally Fernandez SPECIAL By Markos Papadatos August 10, 2020

Vincent Zandri, NYT Bestselling Author

“Sally Fernandez’s political thriller Climatized might be frighteningly timely and dare I say it, realistic. It is also frighteningly well written. I suspect we will be enjoying a lifetime of Max Ford thrillers. Question is, how long have we got?”


The Other Side of the Story

July 19, 2021

Writer Sally Fernandez joins Dr. Jay Lehr and Tom Harris to discuss “Climatized,” Ms. Fernandez’s superb techno-thriller murder/mystery novel and soon to be major motion picture. READ MORE or Listen Here…

 ‘Max Ford’ MOVIE DEAL

ABC7 My Suncoast News

April 5, 2018

A Suncoast author may soon see her work on the big screen! Sally Fernandez joins us to tell us all about Max Ford, and a potential deal to bring Climatized to Hollywood. PLAY NOW! 

Scenes From an Interview

Gus Mollasis, Scene Magazine

September 1, 2018

She does the one thing that all writers must do. The good ones, the bad ones and the legendary ones. She finds, makes and takes the time to write. Not a whim, a duty or merely a hobby, but more as a calling with the discipline of Marines’ rigid routine. READ MORE […]

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