From Conspiracy to the Headlines!

Three years ago, I began The Infiltrator’s Shadow,  the explosive conclusion of the Max Ford Thriller series, where Max finds herself caught up in a plot that will shatter America’s democracy forever. Time is not on her side.

A global pandemic, oil embargoes, Middle East peace on the table, anarchy in the streets, and a US presidential election campaign weighing in the balance became the perfect storm—except the American citizens were drifting in different boats—and in different directions.

The Infiltrator’s Shadow shines a light on the America that is no longer the superpower she once was. Europe has voiced their independence. The president of China has pledged to go carbon neutral and foster a new era of international relations for equity and justice—but on their own terms. The Russian president continues to saber rattle some and invade others in its quest to rebuild its Soviet Russia. India slowly surrenders to the Consortium’s doctrine for fear of standing alone.  Amid it all, Max must expose the fallacies of this one-world government against unbeatable odds.

Quoting Pope John Paul II, “By the end of this decade we will live under the first One World Government that has ever existed in the society of nations…a government with absolute authority to decide the basic issues of human survival. One world government is inevitable.” 

Or is it?

The back cover description above was written two years ago. Sound familiar?

Fifteen years ago, when I began my writing career, I feverishly published a book a year. And in every case, many of my conspiratorial theories entwined in my storylines, became major headlines shortly thereafter. Apparently, my approach or as some have called my “speculative fiction” still rings true, as you may have noted in my back cover description. The Infiltrator’s Shadow now presents a daunting challenge.

Due to life’s delays I’m forced to rewrite many of the chapters, trading in certain facts for others. Although much has occurred in our geo-political landscape, the plotline is still strong and plays out from beginning to end. However, the factual threads weaved throughout the chapters will need to be tweaked.

Take this special opportunity to read the first two chapters of the unpublished version of The Infiltrator’s Shadow; Chapter One: Ground Zero, and Chapter Two Market Day. These are a few examples of where my plotline went FromConspiracy to the Headlines!

Hope you enjoy the read! And remember they will be tweaked!

Postscript: Apologies for missing the April Newsletter. But that time it was not about having nothing to say but had everything to do with having no time to say it!

But here is a fun fact! Note the Pine Tree on the top of the tower! It is to commemorate the “Topping Off” as the last piece of structure in our remodel is put in place. It’s also been said that when all the pine needles dry and fall off it indicates to the builder that the wood inside has cured and is ready for the drywall.

Naturally, I’m watching every single needle!

Please remember, all reviews are more than welcome!