R. HALPERN B.A. University of California at Berkeley, B.A. (Honours) Oxford University, M.A. and Ph.D. Princeton University   “A BLOCKBUSTER! I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend this latest in Ms. Fernandez’ interrelated novels. It is a real tour de force, suspenseful and compelling–a page turner. The intricacies of the plot are fascinating and Ms. Fernandez’s weaving of its elements is truly impressive. There are politics involved, as Ms. Fernandez explains very clearly in her afterword, and I learned a lot about the international background of our own nation’s political evolution. Fascinating, to say the least.Ms. Fernandez gets better and better with each installment of her tale. I found the characters of Noble, Max and Stanton come alive in a new and interesting way. I am hoping for more adventures in which they grow and develop. I am also waiting for Amanda to come more out of the shadows. I can’t wait for the next volume in the series.”

ALFREDO VEDRO Media Production Consultant, Florida  “If you love conspiracy theories, whether those that are factual or imagined…If you delight in a storyteller who mixes real world contemporary people and events into her fictional venues…If you enjoy connecting the dots…Whether you are a believer or are just fascinated by all the possibilities…Then THE ULTIMATE REVENGE has to be the choice for your ‘best read’ this season. Intrigue and suspense dominates throughout this compelling final episode in The Simon Trilogy. A real page-turner.”

DONNA POST Banking Consultant (Ret.), Florida  “Just finished reading The Ultimate Revenge –in a word, Phenomenal! having thoroughly enjoyed the first two books, Brotherhood Beyond the Yard and Noble’s Quest, I was more than anxious to read the final book of  ‘The Simon Trilogy.’  It is an incredible and fitting finale in the lives of characters created by an author who takes you into a world of intrigue where she expertly weaves a story that has the reader pondering the possibility, or perhaps I should say probability, of fiction being more real than we dare to think. A great read that I would strongly recommend!”

ANN E. HOWELLS Wine Consultant, Florida  “You do not have to be a political junkie to love this book of intrigue. The Ultimate Revenge takes you to a place that will make you question–could it happen–and if it did? The recherché and insight that has gone into this book will certainly keep you wondering for a long time.”

BETH LITTMAN-QUINN Vice President at Marketburst, Massachusetts  “I just finished reading “The Ultimate Revenge” by Sally Fernandez. My head is spinning…Fernandez did an amazing job weaving fact and fiction! More than a few times I had to stop reading and check the copyright date. Did she write the story BEFORE it was revealed in the news? Did she write the “facts” BEFORE it happened in real time? What was/is “real”? What was/is “fiction”? I consider myself fairly knowledgeable when it comes to political news in our country…after reading this book, I am very confused. My confusion, I feel, stems from Fernandez’ incredible research…and her imagination…all based in reality. Well done!”

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