I love writing fiction. It allows me to enter a world where I can stretch my imagination beyond any limits. But most importantly, I love the challenge to create, what I’d like to think, are ingenious plots into plausible and possible scenarios.

However, my latest challenge is to try and maneuver my real-life plot into a positive outcome.  Joe is happily back on his feet and feisty as ever after his “underwater exploration.” But the incident gave us pause as we reflected on the possibility of simplifying our lives. That notion, however, was quickly erased. Much too easy. So, in the midst of working on the next book in the Max Ford series, focused on the Climatized movie, and looking for a TV streaming outlet for Simon Hall, we’ve decided to embark on a major remodel of our home…I kiddingly refer to it as my insane asylum. This will start during the height of high construction costs, scarcity of building materials, and lack of available contractors. And to make things even more interesting, we need to find temporary housing for five months during the high season in Florida. Who said life should be easy? But not to be glib, we are fortunate to be able to have the choices, and I wake up each morning reminding Joe, “This is going to be fun!” Stay tuned for my thoughts when we get started on construction. That is when life may become more interesting than fiction. And feel free to remind me at any time that “it’s going to be fun!”

Enough of my personal craziness, I want to thank you for supporting the May promotion downloads. You helped move each of the Simon Hall books again to the top of the Kindle Best Seller List. Now stay tuned for what’s coming next…Happy reading everyone!

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That’s a wrap…I hope you will look forward to more Happenings from the Writing Cave!