Disruption or Destruction…it’s hard to tell which is worse…our remodel or the political ads for the upcoming mid-term elections. On our side of the aisle the scaffolding is in place and the roof is about to come off. No, we are not tearing it down, we are building it up, adding a new floor. So, prepare yourself to be inundated with construction photos for the next several months. 

The good news is that all the flooring, lighting fixtures, sinks, faucets and yes, toilets have been selected. Now, I’m eager to get back to Max and The Infiltrator’s Shadow.

And while the new view is promising, the view from the “political” swamp is well…still swampy. But there is promise of hope depending on how you choose to vote, in what purports to be an historic election. 

In 1981 William Casey, the then CIA Director said, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

As depressing as that may sound, it is a warning call and as prevalent today as it was then. Let’s hope we don’t hear repeated calls of election fraud. Be vigilant, vote honestly, and help to restore the integrity of our democracy. If you want to understand more of how we got to this place you may find Redemption: The Aftermath an interesting read.

Disruption or Destruction? I’m voting on a minor disruption in both cases.

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That’s a wrap…I hope you will look forward to more Happenings from the Writing Cave!