It’s a necessary evil, being a novelist of political suspense, to be current with the shenanigans inside the beltway. And while my writing this week has been fast and furious, as “The Ultimate Revenge” takes shape, so has the speed by which a new list of outrages have emerged out of Washington D.C.

These scandals are starting to feel like drone strikes. You can’t hear them coming, but when they hit, you’re knocked to the ground by a slap of arrogance. I don’t need to drone on about the past indiscretions, just look at this week alone:


Obama Taps Susan Rice for NSA while Benghazi is still an Open Wound

Obama Appoints Samantha Power as UN Ambassador – A Very Scary Lady

Top Secret Court Order Reveals Extent of Surveillance

Holder Refuses to Answer about Verizon Records

Patriot Act Author Call the Collection of Phone Records “Un American”


Quoting one of my readers of Brotherhood Beyond the Yard, “…Worth reading no matter what side of the political spectrum you inhabit.”