Today, was not my usual power-walk. Instead of recording various thoughts for the book, my mind kept drifting back to a few article I had read earlier in the morning. So, before I can return to the murderous plot I’m concocting for Max to solve…let me unleash…

Obama vowed he would to transform America, and in many ways he has accomplished his goal. His push to redistribute the wealth in the U.S. and his support for the United Nations’ proposal for countries to pay their fair share to those countries suffering disasters, are only two recent examples. Most significantly, he has managed to weaken the U.S. as a global force in the eyes of the world. Certainly, his policies have diluted entrepreneurship. And the spirt of opportunities that once prevailed has waned. The very foundation America was built on is slowly crumbling. Sadly, the word “superpower”, appalling to some, has lost its significance.

I recall a conversation I had with a person from Italy about the 2004 tsunami that hit the Indian Ocean. He had remarked that the Italian government had donated more money to the victims than the U.S. government. What he didn’t understand is that the amount of money donated from private citizens of the U.S. was greater than that of the Italian government, whose citizens relegated the responsibility.  The point is to highlight the difference in the citizen’s mentality between a strong nation and a socialist government. It raises the question our nation will be called to answer in the presidential election in November 2016?

Today, in the U.S. we find ourselves in the midst of a moral and social dilemma as it pertains to the estimated 12 million-plus illegal immigrants already in the country. Statistic show that these immigrants consume upwards of 70% of the social and welfare programs. At the same time, the next generation of Americans has had to face the reality that the abused Social Security System will become an ineffective safety net for their elder years.

In Europe, we are witnessing untold numbers of refugees and migrants flocking to the various countries throughout the continent. It was recently reported that in Germany, all who are granted asylum, are furnished an apartment, healthcare, a language course, and 399 euros, an equivalent to $446 per month.

And to relieve the pressures Europe faces, Obama is considering to accept some of the Syrian refugees into the U.S. Forget the country they are fleeing from or whether or not they are genuine refugees, because most likely this is only the beginning. The fact remains, as a country—the U.S. simply can’t afford it—therein lies the moral dilemma.

Many have forgotten that the U.S. government does not have untold amounts of money. The only option to pay for such ventures is to print money, increasing our debt—or inevitably raise taxes, placing a greater burden on those least able to absorb the cost. Taxing only the rich won’t even scratch the surface to provide the necessary dollars. So, what do we do?

It is not an easy answer, but the “Band Aid” approach can no longer work.

We need to slow down and take a time out. We need to concentrate on strengthening from within. I know the world’s problems are not going to stop, while we get our act together. But the U.S. policies need to be selective and our generosity well thought out.  I have to believe that once again, with a strong economy, a robust job market, and a reduction of overly generous entitlements, we will again become a Superpower. It is the strength from within that provides us the ability to help those from around the world in need. I’m confident the U.S. will become that “shining beacon on the hill” once more.

Enough said…