Yesterday was a momentous day! After a year of 24/7, Climatized, the first novel in a Max Ford Thriller series, was released. But it was also the culmination of eight years of writing and producing five novels. Fortunately, my husband is also my editor, so it was a journey we shared together. Now, as it was with the release of the prior novels, the champagne remains chilled with its cork waiting to be popped. It always seems that up to the moment the book is published, our list is fraught with tasks ranging from final touches to major commitments. Then, when the day finally arrives the list is replenished with marketing and promoting tasks. Yesterday’s events were no exception and seemed to move at warp speed.

First, my interview with OmniMystery News was posted, then Climatized was spotlighted on Confessions of an Eccentric Bookaholic, and then my TV interview on SunCoast News FYI was released on YouTube. The promo events slowed down momentarily as the day was about to end, until I received some unexpected emails. They were from two separate powerful organizations, each offering the possibility of an endorsement. The books and press releases are now in the mail…for the outcome…we’ll all have to wait.  But if you missed any of the days events, please click on the images below…learn more about me, more about Climatized, and hear me spout-off about both. My husband and I…we are going to finally pop the cork!

SNN Image