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AMAZON #1 BESTSELLER “Sally Fernandez’s political thriller Climatized might be frighteningly timely and dare I say it, realistic. It is also frighteningly well written. I suspect we will be enjoying a lifetime of Max Ford thrillers. Question is, how long have we got?” Vincent Zandri, New York Times Bestselling Author CLIMATIZED, A CLIMATE CHANGE THRILLER. DIVE INTO THE FIRST MAX FORD MYSTERY. PREPARE YOURSELF FOR AN AWAKENING! READ MORE... AVAILABLE ON AMAZON CLIMATIZED THE AUDIOBOOK! "Jax, chew on this [...]


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Yesterday was a momentous day! After a year of 24/7, Climatized, the first novel in a Max Ford Thriller series, was released. But it was also the culmination of eight years of writing and producing five novels. Fortunately, my husband is also my editor, so it was a journey we shared together. Now, as it was with the release of the prior novels, the champagne remains chilled with its cork waiting to be popped. It always seems that up to the moment the book is published, our list is fraught with tasks ranging from final touches to major commitments. Then, when the day finally arrives the list [...]


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Some say change is good, some say a new beginning or a fresh new start is great...but all at the same time! I love a challenge, especially weaving my characters in and out of various fictional plots. But weaving my time in and out of various projects has been a challenging task unto itself.  After publishing my forth and final novel of The Simon Tetralogy, I immediately began a new series, starring Maxine Ford as the female protagonist. Some of  you may remember that Max was introduced in the second novel, Noble's Quest, and has become a beloved character by many. It [...]


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  ARE YOU MILDLY CURIOUS AS TO MY RELATIVE SILENCE? If so, I can provide the reason in one word...   D E S tarting last May, Joe, my loving husband and editor, was hit with a series of medical issues. And for a man who is extremely healthy, it was quiet daunting. Then there was my foot saga that continues to present shoe challenges daily. The unexpected and unplanned health issues continued to plague us, capping off the year at the Mayo Clinic during the Christmas holiday season. Then, after the harsh welcoming of the New Year, our good health [...]



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  If you've wondered why I've been relatively silent, just know I haven't been idle. A few months ago, at the behest of my publisher, David Dunham, I engaged the Nice Branding Agency to help give me a makeover.  At our first meeting, I announced that my favorite color is black and that I have been sporting the same shade of lipstick for over twenty years...you can imagine the response. Okay, so I had to be more open-minded or what was the point?...I reluctantly succumbed. I hope you are admiring the photo above, but don't stop with just a glance. Be [...]

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  Apologies to all my Facebook Fans, Twitter Followers, LinkedIn Connections, and Google Circles for the Sunday BLITZ to promote a free Ebook copy of Brotherhood Beyond the Yard. I do hope, however, that you took the time to Share or Retweet, so all your friends and followers can get in on the deal. And for anyone who chose to enjoy their weekend by stepping away from social networking...Here I go again... The best things in life are FREE… at least for a limited time. Get your copy TODAY  If you haven't been on the hunt for Simon and you're [...]

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