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However you pronounce the name of the fruit, it’s still the same fruit. But when White House Administration not-so subliminally exchanges one letter for another, it significantly changes the meaning.  For more than a year I’ve listened carefully to the questions and answers bantered about between the administration and the press corp. When the question of terrorism arises the media, without exception, refers to ISIS, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. On the other side of the podium, whether it’s the press secretary, Josh Earnest, or anyone else, they always respond by referring to ISIL. Everyone in the administration must [...]


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Some say change is good, some say a new beginning or a fresh new start is great...but all at the same time! I love a challenge, especially weaving my characters in and out of various fictional plots. But weaving my time in and out of various projects has been a challenging task unto itself.  After publishing my forth and final novel of The Simon Tetralogy, I immediately began a new series, starring Maxine Ford as the female protagonist. Some of  you may remember that Max was introduced in the second novel, Noble's Quest, and has become a beloved character by many. It [...]

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