If so, I can provide the reason in one word…



tarting last May, Joe, my loving husband and editor, was hit with a series of medical issues. And for a man who is extremely healthy, it was quiet daunting. Then there was my foot saga that continues to present shoe challenges daily. The unexpected and unplanned health issues continued to plague us, capping off the year at the Mayo Clinic during the Christmas holiday season. Then, after the harsh welcoming of the New Year, our good health began to return, all resulting in a happy ending.

hen came the deluge of annual appointments, all seemingly taking up more time than necessary in our lives. More doctors, lawyers, accountants, dentists, Indian chiefs, and candlestick makers each took their pound of flesh.…. And during the bedlam, I worked steadily on the final manuscript for Redemption: The Aftermath of The Simon Trilogy, conducted presentations and book signings, along with a T.V. interview.

esurrecting our stamina, along with our neglected business commitments, my editor and I focused not only on the rehabilitation of our bodies and our minds, but once again to work on the book.

diting reentered the picture after receiving the final copyedited version of Redemption. Suddenly we found ourselves thrown back into the game, rereading the manuscript in its entirety for the nth time. Then came the review of the internal formatted version and the final cover revisions. Finally, off to the printer it went.

elling and buying, actually buying and then selling unexpectedly appeared on our agenda.  Three days before departing Sarasota to our home in Florence we bought a new larger home a few block away. Now owning two homes added a bit to our stress. Yes, you can rightfully call us crazy. Which explains, why…

hips ahoy was in order. We decided after a turbulent 2014, a transatlantic cruise was just what, at least one of our doctors, should have ordered. Luckily, Joe did. He called our sea-going venture the neutral zone between our hectic lives on both sides of the ocean. Seventeen day later, on April 6, coincidently the infamous anniversary of Joe’s birth, we arrived in Venice. Within a few hours, we were back in our home in Florence. It was there that we received an email informing us that we had sold our home. The next day Redemption was published. Can you feel the stress melting away?



So, there you have it…in a word.

But it’s time to gear up, transcribe the numerous voice recordings I’ve made over the past several months, and begin the first book in my new series. This time featuring Maxine Ford the former Deputy Director of the States Intelligence Agency from The Simon Trilogy series.  Max leaves the Agency to set up her own investigative firm. Her stellar clients will be among the Washington elite, including senators, members of the various congressional committees, along with other high profilers inside the beltway. The stories will continue to weave fictional plots with prevalent political issues or scandals of the time, but will focus only on a single issue, unlike my other books that took on a myriad of subjects. It will however, still be an intellectual read, but with more levity.

I’m plugged back in and back in the game! So please join me on my stream of social networks or chime in on the discussions. And remember, reviews are always welcome.