You may have noticed that during the summer months I’ve been spending most of my time in the “Time Out” Room in cyberspace. But it has not been for the lack of activity or a much-needed vacation. My time has been spent organizing a move from one house to another in Sarasota including: orchestrating modifications to the new home, working off the pesky list of things to do like switching over utilities, change of address, and dealing with the myriad of documents conjured up by lawyers to be signed…all the while living in Florence. Then I returned to Sarasota to initiate the actual move, set up the internet, phone, and cable, the new security system, etcetera, and etcetera. Oh, yeah…then there was organizing the pool guy, the lawn guy, and the bug guy.

Now back in Florence and switching gears, I reconciled our Quicken accounts after six months of neglect, planned our annual party in Florence for 90 people, and planned our Housewarming party for 120 people in Sarasota.  All sounds like fun…but the problem is I was attempting to manage five or six tasks at the same time and still thinking of other tasks to be added to the never-ending list. Even though my ultimate goal was to complete the to-do list and clear my desk literally, so I could begin the next book, the list kept growing. My wise husband and editor kept telling me to “Live in the moment.” Great advice…but I’m the one with the task list.

This is not a woe-is-me blog, but when I started to realize my husband was right and I needed to slow down and focus on one thing at a time,  I adopted my new mantra. DO IT…then it’s DONE…and LIFE is SIMPLIFIED…one task at a time.

I forgot to mention that during all the flurry of activities, I was also transcribing hundreds of voice recordings that I’ve made over the past year, all having to do with my next novel.  I also discovered mixed among the recordings, several others having to do with two other books I will be writing…what can I say, other than I’ll keep trying.

Fortunately, when I am writing, I am totally immersed. So good-bye task list for now. Starting today, I officially begin the next novel in my Max Series starring Maxine Ford.

For those of you who are not familiar with Max, she joined the States Intelligence Agency as Noble’s deputy director in Noble’s Quest. She became a formidable character throughout “The Simon Trilogy” as she was drawn into Simon’s diabolical plots. Find out in Redemption, what life-changing events caused her to leave the agency, and prepare yourself for my new series.

Here’s a hint. It starts off with Max branching out on her own as she establishes her own investigative agency. Throughout the series, her stellar clients will be among the Washington elite, including senators, members of the various congressional committees, along with other high profilers inside the beltway. The stories will continue to weave fictional plots with prevalent political issues or scandals of the time, but will focus only on a single issue, unlike my other books that took on a myriad of subjects. It will however, still be an challenging read, but with more levity.

Why wait until 2016?…get started now and join in on the roller-coaster events that take place in the hunt for Simon.

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