If you’ve wondered why I’ve been relatively silent, just know I haven’t been idle. A few months ago, at the behest of my publisher, David Dunham, I engaged the Nice Branding Agency to help give me a makeover.  At our first meeting, I announced that my favorite color is black and that I have been sporting the same shade of lipstick for over twenty years…you can imagine the response. Okay, so I had to be more open-minded or what was the point?…I reluctantly succumbed.

I hope you are admiring the photo above, but don’t stop with just a glance. Be sure to check out the whole website.  As you wend your way around, you’ll find many places to subscribe so you can stay up-to-date on the latest news, whether it be the next blog or a major announcement. And of course, there are the usual links to all the social networking sites where you can like, follow, and add me to your circles…oh, don’t forget, it is always nice to share. You’ll also discover that I’ve been up to more that just a rejuvenation…hmm…

WAIT…before you click!

In addition to returning to Italy at the beginning of the year, moving in to a new home, overseeing the new website and logo design, I’ve been busily working on my next novel, Redemption: Aftermath of The Simon Trilogy. So it morphed into a tetralogy…what can I say. Check the website where you can read all about Redemption that will be available for pre-order…you’ll be the first person I notify. But in the meantime, read the summary, then again that might just make you antsy waiting for the book release. Oh, risk it…

So life has been very busy of late, but in the end I had to admit…change is good! Thank you Nice Branding Agency.

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