Based on my recent social networking posts, I was asked if I was “a conservative, a republican and a Fox news-watcher?” I assume the perception is that you can’t be one without the other. I quickly responded stating that I follow various news outlets and that my posts primarily highlight the subject matter that is debated in my novels by fictional characters. To further, clarify the point, as a political junkie I write political thrillers steeped in facts. I weave contemporary issues into my fictional plots to inspire the reader to think, to contemplate and hopefully, to discuss with others, the plausibility of such a tale happening or “What if” it were true.

I personally don’t believe that my political ideology or for that matter my personal interests should be important to the reader and do not use social networking for that purpose to any great extent. I do however use the networks to highlight current events whether they have a conservative or liberal bent, along with occurrences of social, economic, and political injustices…and occasionally, a humorous editorial cartoon.

If I were pressed to define my political ideology, I would say that I am socially liberal and fiscally conservative. I don’t call myself a Libertarian, which has become the “hide-away” party for those fleeing from the left and the right, away from unfavorable legislation or unpopular special interests. Although, I must admit as I delve more and more into the research for my novels…scaring myself along the way…I’m beginning to feel a bit like Jon Stewart who stated,

“Liberal and conservative have lost their meaning in America. I represent the distracted center.”