Today is Martin Luther King’s birthday and the day we officially celebrate the peaceful transition of the presidency. The symbolism of this day and the sense of pride I feel for our democracy is not lost, but I can’t help focus on the expensive pomp and circumstance to transition to more of the same. I am a confirmed political junkie and I write about politics every day, whether it is in factual narrative or in a fictional portrayal by one of my character. So on this day I’ve decided to take a break…at least from writing, editing, and preparing for publication.

Today, Joe and I are visiting sunny San Francisco retrieving a portion of our hearts we left behind when we returned to the east coast. It has been a wonderful time rejoining friends, recapturing memories, and catching up on life’s events. Many wonderful lunches, dinners…, and yes football. One special event was dinner with four dear friends. Two of the friends are Adam and Stacy Jed the proprietors of the Bluestem Brasserie, located at One Yerba Buena Lane.

Four years ago, just before we moved, the Jed’s described their dream. Saturday night we experienced their dream come true. For any foodie…Bluestem is a paradise. While we’ve all experienced restaurants with fabulous ambiance and so-so food, or the reverse. Bluestem is the perfect gem acing all criteria. In all honesty, I never saw the menu because Adam and Stacy graciously ordered any array of scrumptious appetizers, a variety of delectable entrees, and to-die-for desserts. Now while writing political intrigue is my forte, not food critique, I can attest to the fact that everything was exceptional, in presentation, and in taste. Did I mention everything is fresh? If you live in San Francisco, it’s a must. And if you are visiting…trust me… it is one of San Francisco’s treats.

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