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A Balancing Act between our Health and the Economy I recently listened to a favorite radio talk show Viewpoint This Sunday on the America Out Loud platform. The topic of discussion was about wearing facemasks. The consensus appeared to be that it was unwarranted, unhealthy, and unnecessary. The dialogue between the Radio Host, Malcolm, and his guest speakers, focused particularly on their individual rights. They also shared a frustration at the glances and visual scorns they received when not wearing a facemask in public areas. The next day I read an article about a birthday party in Pasadena, California. [...]


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Yesterday was the finale of SEASON ONE of Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Pleasure, airing its 100th show. This blockbuster talk-radio show on the America Out Loud platform was the inspiration of its fearless founder, Malcolm Out Loud. Earlier this year, Malcolm assembled ten extraordinary and accomplished women from around the globe to change the conversation. On April 8th, it began. As the tagline goes, “It’s a gender thing…or is it? World Peace, Religion, Sex, Money, Politics, Climate Change, Big Business, Big Ideas and Big Egos! Nothing is off limits.” As one of the co-hosts, I was honored [...]

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