A week has passed and both Joe’s red ink and my writing have flourished. And as we worked through The Ultimate Revenge, we continued to move through Italy and then into Switzerland to Locarno, where the International Film Festival was about to begin.

Locarno is situated on the northern edge of Lake Maggiore and is part of the Swiss region of Ticino. It boasts nine heritage sites, including several churches and a castle. The earliest historical records from Locarno date back to the fourteenth century.

This charming lakeside retreat has been the home to the Film Festival for sixty-six years. Sunday, was the opening night for the film festival, so we began with dinner outside the theatre gate at the Ristorante Svizzero and had a delectable meal… where we remained for the evening. Admittedly, to my bad planning, we were never able to venture into the crowded eight thousand seat outdoor theatre in the Piazza Grande to watch the first film, on one of the largest outdoor screens in Europe. It was still exciting to be there and to watch the crowds. Honestly, I can’t say I saw anyone of notoriety, but then again I probably wouldn’t know what they’d look like anyway…But it was and experience.

According to the reports after our departure, the film festival had received their largest crowd ever, the movie Short Term 12 received a standing ovation, actress Jacqueline Bisset received a lifetime achievement honor and Faye Dunaway was floating around there somewhere. Maybe next time.

The next day we ventured back to Italy, but this time on the opposite coast to the Ligurian Sea and the seaside village of Rapallo tucked in the corner of the Tigullio Gulf.


Rapallo is in the province of Genoa and is located about fifteen minutes drive from Portofino. It’s earliest historical records date back to 964. It is a fairly bustling town, where we managed to work quietly from the Hotel Canali on the hillside and venture down in the evening to dine, each night, at K2 Rocco E Suoi Fratelli. I would highly recommend both, whether you are there for work or play.

I confess…all photos for this blog are from the internet. Sorry, I was more focused on working, than sightseeing, although the artistic display is mine. Obviously, it was not all work and no play…we did take time out to share some sumptuous meals.

Now, back in Florence we’ve settled in and prepared for endless days of writing and editing, once again. If all goes well we are looking at a January publication date.

What follows? I promised Joe a vacation, not a ferie…but a very, very long vacation.