Of course, you’ve been checking my blog weekly! And you’ve noticed that I’ve been off the airwaves the last few weeks. I can’t promise it won’t happen again, especially when life takes hold or one of my characters demands my time but I will try to keep you informed on my writing activities, or at least throw some annoying political event your way.

Now to explain my absence. After returning to our home in Florence, Joe and I attended to the usual housekeeping chores necessary after being away for several months. Although this time, it encompassed telephone, TV, computer and internet issues. Yes, my impatience and horrible Italian came to the forefront.



Then finally, we were in business. I approved the cover for Noble’s Quest, updated the website and social networking sites, designed, and distributed a marketing email announcing the availability to pre-order Noble’s Quest. Release date is June 11, but why wait!

Then I sat down to write this blog. Oh, did I forget to mention that I managed to find time each day to return to my favorite spot at the Church of San Miniato. Seated once again on the wall in front of my special cypress tree I can view the beautiful historic center of Florence on the right. And to the left, in one of those towers, is where I create and develop my stories. Joe refers to my studio as Inspiration Tower or Torre di ispirazione.

And it’s the place, STARTING NEXT WEEK, where I will begin the third book of “The Simon Trilogy” placing my thoughts, concepts, and daring plots swirling in my head—on paper! Stay tuned…





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