Yesterday I didn’t post my Monday Morning Muse. Instead, I was slogging away promoting “The Simon Trilogy.” I spent the morning tweeting a hundred plus politicos, talking heads, and news reporters with a catchy byline. To get around the 140 character limitation, I created a photo containing the rest of the information I wanted to convey. Fortunately, I had Joe, my editor, standing by to help write the content…I find it difficult to write when it has to do with promoting myself…which of course, is exactly what I’m doing now. Hmmm.

Anyway, I came up with this promotional idea, after Joe and I attended an Independence Day luncheon at the American Consulate in Florence. It was a wonderful event…our tax dollars were working in full swing. And in attendance were many luminaries; a senator, a princess from one of the leading Italian families, and several consulate-generals, past and present. Naturally, the topic of my novels arose that fortunately garnered a lot of attention. When I spoke about the subject matter for the third book, in loose terms, a few eyebrows raised, and questions ensued. I knew I was onto something. That’s when I decided to spread the word to the people who spread the word for a living. Let’s see what happens!

Oh, the catchy byline and photo:

Dunham Group adds Novelist Sally Fernandez to stellar client list. Timely political thrillers meld fact/fiction. View photo for more information.