Fiction is definitely my genre, although I find myself having to wear two hats. One obviously is fiction, but the other is fact. I relish creating my characters, attempting to make them bigger than life. And it’s such a thrill when my readers discuss my characters as though they were real. I also enjoy the twists and turns I create and the subtle clues I bury. But to make my plots plausible I need to weave in facts. Fortunately, I equally enjoy the research required, delving into the various topics to support my storyline.

When researching, I always triple check the facts, and sometimes I find them to be false. But then I discover a clue that sends me off in another direction. Or when the fact is proven valid, I’m led on an endless treasure hunt. And as my plot for The Ultimate Revenge becomes more intricate, the research becomes intense. Therefore, I’ve now enlisted Joe as, not only my editor, but as my sometime researcher.

Also, The Ultimate Revenge is becoming dangerously close to being non-fiction. Don’t fret all your favorite characters will remain in the story and you’ll find out what Simon’s has planned. But that’s all I can tell you for now—you’ll have to wait to see how it all comes to an explosive end.

But I must admit, throughout the process I’ve developed a renewed respect for non-fiction writers and take both of my hats off to those who do it well.