TODAY, I officially began The Ultimate Revenge. After spending the last week weeding through a myriad of documents, bullet points, scraps of paper, paragraphs of dialogue for unassigned chapters, I’m finally ready to conclude “The Simon Trilogy.”

If you’re not yet, despairingly trying to figure out what Simon’s ultimate plot is about, then you haven’t read Brotherhood Beyond the Yard. It’s not too late to jump on the roller-coaster of international intrigue and political shenanigans—and what if—it’s all true! Then prepare yourself for another ride with Noble’s Quest, to be released on June 11. But don’t wait, pre-order and don’t run the risk of it being out of stock. You’ll want to continue to follow the twists and turns leading to Simon, in an attempt to divert a disaster of epic proportions. Don’t be CLUELESS…click on the books and begin the quest!