It’s been a busy, yet eventful week. Noble’s Quest was released early, just in time to buy a great Father’s Day gift. Then this coming Friday and Saturday, Noble’s Quest goes to BookExpo America in New York City and will be featured at the Dunham Books Table at Booth #1426. Also, PLOT PICS for Noble’s Quest has been added to the website. Check them out. AND finally, I have sorted through a year of scraps of paper, bullet points, paragraphs, some narrative, some dialogue, and a myriad of thoughts and organized them into chapters for The Ultimate Revenge. The ultimate plot will be exposed, fomenting an explosive ending. Revenge will ultimately be exacted. But whose revenge? Prepare yourself also, as with the other two novels, to question—”What if?”

I’ve not been the only one busy, so has Washington, D.C. Unfortunately, the question “What if?” is not the question in play.