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The Beekeeper’s Secret: A Max Ford Thriller

By Sally Fernandez

Publisher: Dunham Books

“Twist and turns abound as Fernandez precisely knits facts with imagination to entertain and to educate in a genuine page-turner too irresistible to put down.” Read More […]

Michael DeStefano, Award-winning author of The Composer’s Legacy

“Relentless tenacity couples with a ‘Never Give In; Never Give Up’ attitude, driving Max to detective stardom. The same intrepid attitude that got us to the Moon and back permeates this heroine’s achievement!!! The reader gets into multiple missions and locations, absorbing each challenge connecting new dimensions of intrigue wrapped in skullduggery! Prepare to get launched into spatial excitement!!!

Tom Wysmuller, NASA Apollo Era (Ret.), VP Medical Claims Operations, Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Company

“As an alternative practitioner, I am thrilled to see this book available. Knowing some of the people involved, I am looking forward to reading and sharing The Beekeeper’s Secret.”

Dr. Michele Benoit, Chiropractor

“Sally Fernandez has written a fascinating novel which revolves around the honey bee and the beekeepers who are working hard to keep them alive and healthy. Even though this book is a work of fiction, it is intertwined with a great deal of factual information about honey bees.”

Gene Brandi, Gene Brandi Apiaries, Past President of American Beekeeping Federation

“Max Ford is a wonderful character brought to life in all her glory by Sally Fernandez, an author who weaves intrigue, mystery, drama, and lighthearted repartee into a well researched book which addresses an issue that impacts all of us. The Beekeeper’s Secret is a must-read—a fast read—and a read I would strongly recommend.”

Donna Post, Banking Consultant (Ret.)

“Again, I am astonished by a Fernandez thriller with such amazing and authentic research that keeps my mind reeling with suspense while continuing to be educated. As a devotee of alternative medicine and a lover of nature, The Beekeeper’s Secret must be revealed.”

Kenney DeCamp, Physician Assistant, Chef, Producer, Mime

“Another eye-opener with dangerous consequences. Max Ford does it again, using her tenaciousness to shine a light on the self-serving manipulation from those who espouse to protect us. Max exposes how our freedom of choice is being sacrificed in the name of greed. This book should have been written long ago, but better late than never, because you will not want to put it down.”

Ann E. Howells, Wine Consultant

“The fun thing about reading thriller-mysteries or mystery-thrillers is connecting the dots. A good storyteller keeps you guessing with bits and pieces of plot line that don’t seem connected, and then drops in a hint that sets you off in the right direction and then surprises you with yet another turn. As in her earlier novels, Sally Fernandez does it again with The Beekeeper’s Secret — a crisp, fast read built on intriguing, clever, contemporary issues that make you think a lot, with a dash of humor here and there.”

Alfredo S. Vedro, Media Production Consultant


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