Yesterday, I took time out from proofing Noble’s Quest for the last time before going to press, and committed to booking our flights back to our home in Italy. Being beholden to American Airlines…having over a million miles…okay, Joe has over two million… In any case, it requires patience and perseverance to select the right segments with the reasonable departure times and acceptable layovers. And I work exceptionally hard to avoid London. For some unknown insane reason, most connecting flights arrive at Heathrow and depart from Gatwick. Perhaps they feel every passenger, after having already traveled many hours, should have the opportunity to enjoy their buses and take-in their countryside before departing. It is one pleasure however, this passenger avoids at all costs—costs being the operative word. The taxes tagged on to your ticket price for experiencing this luxury is valued at $700 per person, compared to $14 per person to connect in Dusseldorf. I hear Dusseldorf is lovely at this time of the year.