Last night, while enjoying a glass of wine together, Joe asked, “So what does this upcoming week look like?”

In my usual anal-retentive style, I laid it out. “Monday I’ll be receiving the printed proof for Brotherhood Beyond the Yard, which you’ll need to help me review.”

He winced.

“Once I approve the book, it goes to press! Remember, the release date is March 5th.”

“Got it, what’s next?”

“Tuesday I’ll be receiving the interior proof for Noble’s Quest, which you’ll also need to help me review.” Not waiting for a response, I added quickly, “Wednesday, I will be receiving several options for the cover for Noble’s Quest that we’ll have to consider.”

As I was about to continue, Joe’s wince turned to a soft smile as he leaned toward me and asked, “Sweetheart, what would you like to do for Valentine’s Day?”

Suddenly, my week’s agenda disappeared from my mind, possibly from the shock that I had been so engrossed I had forgotten about Valentine’s Day. Within seconds, my shock morphed into sanity and I responded, “My love, for Valentine’s Day I want a complete blackout!”

It was unanimous. Wednesday night all computer and cell phones will be turned off. The TV and home phone will be off-limits. For twenty-four wonderful hours, we will enjoy each other and let the day…and night…unfold.