In 1907 in West Virginia, a group of men, fathers, were killed in a mining accident. Their memorial service is considered to be the origin of Father’s Day. But in the following years, what was a day of sadness became a day of celebration for fathers and father-like figures.

On Father’s Day this year, famed pollster Dr. Frank Luntz, conducted a poll asking 1650 people, which dads they personally admire. As you can see, Bill Cosby topped the list with 40%. And even split between political ideology…WHAT!…I’m confused. What does politics have to do with being a good father?

Well evidently, according to this poll an overwhelming majority of democrats believe Barack Obama is a good dad, whereas mostly republicans think George H.W. Bush did a decent job rearing his children.

It is truly pathetic and apathetic when our society can no longer recognize all father’s for what they do and the sacrifices they make. There are some exceptions, but their failings have nothing to do with their politics.

Our founding fathers must be tossing in their graves, wondering how we came so far learning little along the way.